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Hero Kayakers Save this Drowning Man's Life With Not A Second To Spare.

Last year on Wilson Creek in North Carolina, During a trip down the creek, the kayaker toppled over and his head became stuck beneath the surface of his kayak. He couldn’t breathe or get back above the water after his head was trapped. However, he was rescued at the very last second thanks to the heroic actions of these fellow nearby kayakers. (Source: Matt Dolian) Just goes to show how amazing some people are...

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Musician arrested for legally singing in subway, shocking video

Andrew Kalleen, 30, was allegedly arrested by a New York cop, the NYC police officer is seen on video attempting to eject the New York busker from the station and even call’s in backup, the staggering element is that in the video Andrew calmly explains to the officer that he was doing nothing illegal then cop actually reads out the law definition stating that performance is permitted, yet still takes action with the help of what looks like 3 more officers rushing to put handcuffs on the singer,¬†Watch the video and let us know your views, Since the incident...

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11 cosplay Iron Man fails, number 4 is simply unbelievable

We have seen some amazing iron man dressup over the years, some that even Robert Downey, Jr would be proud of, but these examples of just how not to do cosplay had us howling in laughter all morning. 1. No suit, just paint, actually pretty clever 2. Cardboard box Iron Man, really 3. Think you have your characters mixed up buddy 4. Mmmm, zero effort then 5. That feeling of disappointment 6. Post-it note Iron Man 7. Just a few stick on lights and a goatee for you then chap 8. Sellotape Iron Man 9. Plastic painted guttering Iron...

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Family videos do not get more special than this, talk about motivation

Michelle Nagle and her husband didn’t expected normal family life, but hey what’s normal. When they first met Eden in the hospital room, they totally fell in love. It wasn’t until later, when Eden was developing, that they noticed something was not quite right. Eden’s video is one of the most inspiring films that you will see this year, Eden simply showed her parents what strength and determination was. Doctors didn’t think she would ever be able to crawl let alone run, but this amazing little girl proved the doctors wrong. Motivation is in everyone and Eden is proof...

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