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Is This The First Man To Fly A Hot Air Balloon Underground?

Ivan Trifonov the world-renowned Austrian daredevil. He holds at least four Guinness World Records, including this one. Done as a tribute to Jules Verne, author of “Journey To The Center Of the Earth”, Ivan completed one of his daring dreams and became the first person to fly a hot air balloon underground. Done in the Mamet Cave, in Velebit Mountain, Croatia. OMG this is seriously one on the scariest things we have ever...

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Hearing These Kittens Talk, Yes, Talk is simply amazing

When choosing to adopt a cat, you’re not only rescuing one of them, but you’re potentially saving hundreds. When you buy a cat or dog, it increases the demand for the cruel cat and puppy mills that supply them. Choose a rescue shelter or an adoption center instead — they’re full of beautiful, healthy cats and dogs. You’ll be sure to find one with a personality to match your own. Thanks to the Animal Humane Society for the adorbz yet informative video. If it’s got you thinking about adopting a cat or if you’d like to learn how to...

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Explaining The Universe To His 5-Year-Old |he Actually Opened My Eyes

I watched this TED Talk and was like, “Hold up. Hold! Up! There’s more than one universe?!” Well, according to this extremely excited physicist, there is. Think about it: Not only are we not alone in our universe, but our UNIVERSE isn’t alone in the MULTIVERSE!? So not only are we not alone, we’re basically in the middle of a huge intergalactic rave!? My brain actually hurts just thinking about how tiny we are in this huge black starry abyss. If you want your mind blown even more, this talk is just one in a series about the vastness...

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Atheist’s View On Life that Could Bring Anybody to Tears

Simply an amazing Atheist’s view on life that could make anybody Cry “Live your life. Live your life. Live your life.” — Maurice Sendak, author of “Where the Wild things Are,” to Terry Gross. The original video was made by The New York Times and published to its YouTube page. Found on Purple Clover. Source:...

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