It was only a matter of time before this happened, dangerous new fidget spinners have been spotted on various online shops, we spotted this one on Amazon, we won’t add the link to the new Spinner Shuriken for obvious reasons, but if Amazon want details we’d be happy to provide.

Fidget Spinners Banned From Schools

The original fidget gadgets have been selling like hotcakes all across the world, we recently read about the creator Catherine Hettinger who created the toy twenty years ago as a way to entertain her daughter, and later discovered the spinning gadget appeared to help children with ADHD and autism. The spinners have been banned from some schools causing outrage with the parents who supplied them for the original purpose, but if they saw the below highly dangerous spinner variation I’m sure they would not want their children anywhere near a child with one of these fidget spinner toys reminiscent of a traditional Japanese shuriken. Kids should have fun, dress up as super heroes, play good cop bad cop, but maybe surrender this type of toy at your local amnesty box

dangerous spinnersWe are sure these sharp spinners are in the hands of school kids already, have you been hurt by one please get in contact, email

What do you think about these weapon like fidget spinners, and would you want these new dangerous versions in the hands of anyone? Let us know below



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