We would all love to win the lottery, but what would you do? Buy a fast car, spend it on a celebrity style party, rack up a massive amazon bill, well Eric Hale did win a Million Dollars, and what he did next is a real inspiration

Oregon Lottery

If he ever won he made a pact with is brother that they would share the winnings 50/50

401(K) 2012


Want to know how they spent it,

Eric Quinn used some of his share on a life experience, an amazing 20 day trip to China

Jonathan Kos-Read

Quinn Hales use some of his money on a Motorhome so they could see more of America together

Joe Wolf

They then went on to pay for their graduate degree’s so no debt for these guys, just goes to show that winning the lottery can have a great effect on life if you make the best spending choices, and follow it with an education that you can benefit from for years to come. Well done to the Hale’s