By Darcie Conway

Marshall Rosenberg worked as a “peace leader” in the most volatile areas of the world and is the creator of Nonviolent Communication, a conflict resolution tactic centered on compassion.

At 3:30, he tells us straight out how he’d respond to terrorists. Then at 6:00, he gives an example of the kind of question that can stop an argument. I might use it the next time my husband leaves an empty milk carton in the fridge.

If you love what he’s saying in this clip, you can see more from him, the Dalai Lama, and others in the full film version of “Beyond Belief.” Marshall Rosenberg founded the international Center for Nonviolent Communication. Check out their Facebook page. And if you’re into some training, there’s also the Nonviolent Communication Academy. Thumbnail image by a2gemma, used under Creative Common license.

Source: Upworthy